The Alps are Ferdinand's home. From Lake Constance to Salzburg he has flown over all the valleys with his paraglider and knows the numerous flying areas on the German, Austrian and Italian mountains.

Whether it's a flight over Neuschwanstein Castle, Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, or the secret beautiful valleys of the Alps - Ferdi knows them and is happy to show them to you.

Are you planning a paragliding trip to the Alps?

I will be happy to help you get a rental car, the right accommodation or a local weather forecast. I will also show you the suitable take-off and landing sites depending on the weather. In case of bad weather, we can visit Nova, Skywalk, Independence, Skyman or Airdesign together. But also numerous other tourist activities invite you.

I am one of the best competition pilots in the world and flew the former German record over 274 km FAI. That's why I know so much about the Alps.

I speak German and English and also like to refer other local paragliding instructors. So just get in touch with me and tell me your details about your trip.

Just contact me, please!

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